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We are pleased to advise we do not charge any administration fees to our tenants!

1. How do I book a viewing?

Please use the search facility to request a visit and we will arrange to show you properties of interest. Viewings are available Monday to Friday between 11 am and 5 pm.  Out of courtesy to our current tenants we try and avoid booking viewings on Saturday and Sunday, however, please contact us if this is the only day you are available and we can try to accommodate you.

2. How do we book a property?

Once you have decided on a property you need to make an appointment ASAP. Note we will not stop doing viewings on a property until the contract is signed. We cannot hold or reserve properties and it is strictly first come first served.

When signing the contract you will need to supply your deposit and also post-dated rent cheques.

3. If I sign the contract what does it mean?

A tenancy contract is a legally binding agreement and you should take care to read it and understand it. It will normally be binding for 12 months. If you need guidance ask us or take advice from the students union. A downloadable copy of the contract is available on this website here.

4. Do you have safety certificates?

Gas safety checks are carried out annually and an electrical inspection is carried out every 5 years. Fire safety is tested annually. Sheffield City Council HMO licenses have been granted or applied for where applicable. EPCs have been carried out on all properties which became a legal requirement on 1st October 2008

5. How do I pay rent?

We require 3 equal post-dated cheques. Each cheque covers 4 months rent. We hold the cheques until the due date. We do not accept direct debits or standing orders.

6. When does the contract start?

The contract runs from 1st July at 3pm – 30th June at 10am

7. What if I want to leave before the end of the contract?

You will need to find a suitable replacement tenant. Legally, you cannot do this. However, if you find someone to take your place it is possible to rearrange the contract. If you are sharing you will need permission from your other housemates.

8. How do we report repairs?

Report the problem as soon as it occurs! This may prevent additional problems from arising. As soon as we know, the appropriate plumber/electrician/handyman will be sent out. Please ring/text Lindsay on his mobile as this will ensure the quickest response.

9. Are my possessions covered by insurance?

No. Your landlord insures the building, furnishings and appliances. Your personal possessions are your responsibility. It is recommended you take out a room policy, advice on which is available from the students union.

10. Who pays the council tax?

Full-time students are exempt from paying council tax. Please provide us with a copy of your exemption certificate which can be downloaded from MUSE.

11. What happens to post not addressed to me?

It is important that any mail addressed to your landlord is passed straight to him. Any other mail addressed to previous tenants can be returned not known at this address.

12. Who pays the gas, electric and water bills?

All of these are the tenant’s responsibility. At the start of your tenancy, you need to email us for meter readings for gas and electric.  You will then supply your details at the earliest convenience to set up the best tariff. If you are unsure who your supplier is, ring 0870 6081524 for gas and 0845 3300889 for electric. Useful contacts re problems with utility suppliers ofgem.gov.uk.

13. What days are the bins collected?

Please visit the Veolia website here. Enter your postcode to obtain the bin collection day. You can also find out about the different coloured bins and what to put in them.

We would also ask tenants to move bins back within the curtilage of the property as soon as they have been emptied. Note, if the bin lid is not closed properly due to too much rubbish, the council will not collect the bin.

14. Do we need a parking permit?

For all your questions on parking permits and how to get one. You will need a copy of the front page of your contract, log on to the following website:
Parking Permits


Please note: We have a client segregated bank account to hold client monies.

We are members of Client Money Protect


For WH Properties to act as your sole managing agent under agreed terms of business is at the rate of 12% (we are not VAT Registered), of the rental income, for the property/ies until instructed otherwise. For example: If the monthly rental for the property is £650, 12% of £650 = £78. You would be charged £78 . As we are not VAT registered, VAT would not be added to the fee.